Hawarden Photographic Society

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Club History 1968 to Present

Formerly Hawarden Institute Camera Club

Officials of Hawarden Institute Committee met in November 1968 to discuss the adding of a camera club to Institute activities.  The meeting resulted in the formation of the camera club in 1969 with local resident - Walter Knowles - as the first chairman.  

The idea proved successful and future chairmen included Messrs. David Jeffery; Edward Evans; Norman Charlesworth; Frank Houghton; George Butler; Alan Minnery and Fred Snowden.  Initial Club rules stated that camera club people must become members of the Institute at an annual subscription of 8/- (40p) - the camera club charging £1 per year.  An alternative to paying the £1 allowed club members to pay 1/6d (7.5p) per meeting - to be paid whether present or absent.

The first secretary of the Club was Glynne Kay.  Norman Charlesworth took over from him during the season 1974-75. Paul Temple then took over the secretarial duties from 1975 to date.  There have only been two treasurers of the Club. Bernard Rolfe looked after the finances from 1969 to 1977 and was then succeeded by David Kay.

The Club has always been keen to assist the local community. Exhibitions have been held at events organised by local councils, libraries and churches.  The Camera Club produced a calendar in 2010 in aid of club funds and supplied photographs for the use of Hawarden Golf Club who printed their own calendar a year later.

The Club held internal print, slide and (then) cine film competitions and also took part in competitions held by neighbouring clubs.  The Club were three-times winners of the Mold Camera Club inter-club competition and won the Shell Photographic Club slide competition in 1990 and the Ellesmere Port Photographic Society slide competition in 2013. Individual members have won national, and local, competitions run by outside bodies over the Club’s 43 year history.

In October 2011 a new club was formed based at the Hawarden Institute, named as Hawarden Photographic Society (HPS) with the implementation of a new constitution and elected officers.

Left to Right:  Eric Bird, Edward Evans, Frank Houghton, Norman Charlesworth, John Thompson, Berwyn Jones, David Jeffery, Walter Knowles (Chairman), Glynne Kay, David Kay.  (Photograph by C. K. Kay).